Raja Knows Everything!

Raja, a 16 year old teen who passed away decades back can answer your questions through this App! 

Raja Knows Everything! is a fun Android app available on Play store at the moment. This App claims that once you install it, you can actually speak with a spirit named Raja, and ask him questions for which the spirit will answer.


But since you’re on the web page of the app, you need to know the secret. This App is made to have fun with friends and prank them. You can make them believe that a spirit named Raja exists and is watching them. You can do this, by typing your question in the app (like ‘what lunch did I have?’ , ‘who is beside me?’, ‘what color dress is my friend wearing’ , etc) and Raja will answer to your question which will freak out your friends, or colleagues or family members or whoever you are showing this app to. They will completely believe that there actually exists a ghost!


Well, how do you do this? how does Raja answer your questions correctly.

Ofcourse, there is no spirit or ghost which is watching you (as much as I’m concerned!). You give both the question as well as the answer as the input to the app, and the app will show the answer given by you, as the answer given by Raja. The only thing  is that no one will know that you are also typing the answer in the app at the time you are asking a question!


follow url Let me explain,

There are two fields, one that says ‘Ask your question’ and the other that says ‘Request Raja’. In the question text field, you enter your question as usual. In the ‘Request Raja’ text field, you need to enter a statement “ click here Raja please answer this question” because Raja will not answer if you don’t request him like this (you tell your friends or whomever your are fooling the same!).


While typing this statement, you actually type the answer! 

For example, let’s say your question is ‘ Tastylia (Tadalafil) Order 20 MG What color dress is my friend wearing‘ and your friend is beside you watching you ask the question and with an attitude like ‘Whatever dude, I don’t believe such silly things’. You enter the question in the Question area ( Make sure you end your question with a question mark ?). Then start typing the request statement. After typing atleast one or two characters of the request statement, type a dot(.) At this point the dot will not appear in the text field, now start typing your answer. For example, say I want my answer to be blue, so I will type blue as soon as I typed a dot. You can see that while typing your answer, it never appears in text field, instead, the request statement appears in the text field eventhough you are typing your answer. So, your friend doesn’t know that your are typing the answer because all he sees is the same boring Request statement! 

Once you are done with entering your answer, type another dot(.) At this point you will get control of what appears in the text field. Which means what you type now will actually appear in the text field, so be careful and don’t try to type your answer now, because your friend can see!


Once you’ve done entering the request statement, the answer will be shown, as if Raja (the GHOST) actually answered it which in return will freak out your friend!

So, that’s how you use this App!


So best of luck in pranking your friends! 

DISCLAIMER : Please donot take it too far, I don’t hold any responsibility for any damage that you do!


Password for 'The Secret' Page

If you’re looking for the password of ‘The Secret’ page, then you came to the right place. The password for this page is unreveal. This page contains the secret of the app. So, if you want to play prank with your friends, then better not tell them the password, because if everyone knows about the secret of this app, then who will get pranked?

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