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What is Brute Force Syndrome?

Brute Force Syndrome(BFS) is a Python Script, which can generate target specific wordlists effectively. By the term ‘effectively’ , I mean that it can generate the maximum possible results (provided that they are meaningful or worth to be considered), in a prioritised way, and the least possible time.

What for it can be used?

While performing Brute Force Attacks, one needs a good quality wordlist in-order to remain in a scope of succesfully cracking a password irrespecive of the time consumed. With BFS, you can generate a quality wordlist which is target specific, and thus can make use of this wordlist to crack a password hash using any BruteForce tool

What are Target Specific Wordlists?

Suppose, you have a password hash (an encrypted form of the password) which we can’t understand unless we decrypt it. So, in-order to decrypt this password hash, there is only one way, and that is, take each “guessed” password, hash it, and then compare this hash with the hash of the original password. If any of the guessed password’s hash matches with the original hash, then we will be able say what the password is. So, to generate list of these guessed passwords, we use BFS. The most probable way of guessing a password is, by considering the victim’s name, interests such as crush names, family names, favorite food,etc. We can guess that the victim created his password based on these interests. So we generate a wordlist which contains guessed passwords associated with the victim’s interests. These are what we call TARGET SPECIFIC WORDLISTS.

How does BFS work?

According to what I thought, BFS will be having three modes namely, ‘Questinare mode’ , ‘Raw Data Mode’, and ‘Web Scrapping mode’. For the first version of BFS, only the Questionare mode will be available mostly. This questinare mode involves 16 questions (or even more) about the victim (like his name, date of birth, favorite persons, etc). Once you answer this questionare, BFS will start generating the wordlist based on your answers with the preferred password length range (preferred by you) in the least possible time by making use of multi-threading. Also note that, the generated wordlist has PRIORITISED RESULTS, which means that the list of guessed passwords will be arranged in such a way that, the guessed passwords which are meaningful or has the high probability to be the correct password are at the top of the wordlist, followed by others.

When will this be released?

I generally don’t estimate things, but I do try to set a deadline for something. I expect to finish writing the BFS script within 15 days of time. And I am looking forward to make the script public by 9th November. Once I release it, I will probably update you on YouTube, Facebook and ofcourse on this website.

Update : I’m not able to complete the script by 9th November as expected. But, I’m really close to completing it. However, I don’t want to give an estimation date once again. But, I can say it will be released very soon! Apologies for the delay!

If you have anything to clarify or suggestions about this BFS python script, please follow the button below, and contact me through the form.


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