Computer Programmer

I love to make Applications for both PC and Smart Phones, which help the users make their work easy.

Ethical Hacker

I love to test various systems, and ensure their security in-order to provide an End-to-End Encryption for the users.


I am a Tech Youtuber, with a passion in making videos related to Computers and Stuff. I have around 10K Subscribers right now.


follow site I am a student, who hates this Educational System which emphasizes on Rote Learning rather than Creativity.
No Offense though.

buy Quetiapine cheap online My Story

My name is Teja Swaroop and I am from India. I’m a 17 year old Computer Programmer, Ethical Hacker, and a Youtuber. I love to learn what I love to do. “Computer” is my weapon, I’m immensly interested in Computers, and that’s why you are seeing this website. Everyone have their own potential, they say. I have my own, and that is “Technology” . This immense Interest and potential led to me lead a Youtube Channel with over 10K followers(and still growing) and a Website.
Since childhood, I was a very shy kid, who can’t even dare to start a conversation with neighbours, but this all changed, when I realised my potential, this obviously boosted self-confidence in me and broadened my mind.




India is a place for miraculous talents. Whatever the job might be, Indians always top the list. This being a fact, isn’t very effective for the development of India. There are lot of talented people in India who seek for Jobs in International Companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. These International compaines, pick up a lot of Indians and hire them, this is a major reason behind their effeciency and development. What if all these talented people of India, work for India? or atleast work for  Indian Companies? I’m sure that India will soon stand top in the list of ‘Most Powerful Nations’ if this happens. This mentality of “Study hard, get your degree, forget your Mother place, work somewhere” arises due to the typical mentality of Indian parents, who blindly believe that Education is the only thing that brings success, and make their offsprings believe the same.  This is the reason why, many creative young talents of India, are still unsung, as people just ignore those, who fail to do something big in their academics (like cracking JEE, NEET, or other competetive exams conducted in India). Education System in India, is purely a mess.


My Aim, is to make use of my talents not for International Companies , but to setup a company on my own, an ‘Indian Software Company’ and hire people irrespective of their acadamic qualification. That’s why you are seeing the ‘Tech Raj’ Website now.

But again, as we know there is a start for everything, and nothing can be attained all at once, this is the starting phase of Tech Raj, and I strongly believe that Tech Raj is going to acheive big in the name of ‘India’ with a deserving team. If you like my opinion, feel free to share yours by using the contact form. You are always welcome, to join Tech Raj.







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