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Computer Tricks

The Best Video tutorials on Computer Tricks and Tips, for the the people who want to be Computer Geeks, and make full use of their PC.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing video tutorials in Kali Linux, with clear English Voice-Over. I teach what I learn! So come lets learn together!

Computer Programming

Tutorials on Java on VB.NET with clear explanation of code.
Tutorials on other Programming Languages coming very soon!
New App Releases as well!

Instant Help

Instant reply to your queries, on Facebook Page or Email.
Use the contact form in this website or Inbox me to my Facebook Page.


Ever wondered how you’re able to access different websites, and also send e-mails or messages to your closed ones within seconds using the Internet? Well, then you must understand how the Internet actually works!

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Teja Swaroop

Teja Swaroop is a 17 year old Tech Youtuber, Programmer, Blogger and an Ethical Hacker. Started Tech Raj for a purpose.

Buncy Shaddai

Buncy is an Article Writer at Tech Raj Blog. He is also one of the admin of Tech Raj’s Facebook Page. He is 17 year old and originated in India.

Amal Lukose

Amal Lukose is a 21 year old Article Writer at Tech Raj Blog, living in Kerala, India.

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